In a previous post, I discussed how little I know about gardening and how Coldwell Banker put out a great little article to help even the most novice gardeners (ahem, me) to understand the basics.

While working from home one day and looking at the ugly mess that lived out front of my home, I couldn’t take it anymore – the shrubs had to go.  I didn’t really have a plan for what came next post-shrub demolition, but it was so fun to finally take these suckers down.



My husband had to hook a tow up to the back of his truck to rip the roots out! We thought we were Si and Jase from Duck Dynasty for a minute, but I digress…

Since it rained pretty much every weekend at some point, or any time during the week when I had free time – the space sat unoccupied for about 2 weeks.  It was a nice, muddy mess filled with whirlybirds (those menacing Maple seeds that blanket my yard / car / get tracked into my house every spring) and sprouting weeds.  So, last weekend we finally got it done.  We visited the local Agway, since I know nothing about plants, and they showed me a variety of plants that will work in our soil type and lack of sun.  If you live in Chester County – Agway is the spot.  I highly suggest it for your gardening needs.

So, here it is, completed:

See what I mean about the shade?  The shurbs we chose are called Gold Dust or Japanese Acuba, and will fill out nicely to 4′-6′ wide and tall.  And don’t even think that I was not singing this in my head the entire rest of the afternoon:

The other side of the front exterior was also struggling.  My trusty gutter guards just make the water cascade down the front of the house during a heavy rain, washing any soil or mulch in its path.  I had the brilliant idea to continue the red brick from our walkway and create a small garden area with some Hosta and a small azalea bush that I though may have bit the dust, but Grandma Ruby (I named her) gave me a few red blooms this spring.

Again, I couldn’t do it without my husband’s patience (Who me?  Get crazy when something doesn’t go right?  Nah…) and this is what we (ahem, he) finished, minus the mulch:

Hopefully everything grows, is properly maintained and fills in correctly.  Wish me luck!

As a new or existing home owner, do you like to do your own yard / garden work or prefer to hire a service?  We’d love to hear!