Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a love/hate relationship with gardening.  I dream of having a Martha Stewart-esque garden, but have inherited an overgrown, never maintained, acidic soil disaster.  I want to rip everything out and start over again.  I tell my husband to not be surprised when he comes home after work to find me wielding lopping shears and a chain saw like a mad woman and all of the shrubs are gone.  Someday soon…

If you are like me and love the look of a gorgeous garden but have no clue how to start and / or maintain one – fear not!  Coldwell Banker’s Blue Matter blog posted a really great article to check out.  I’ve picked up some good tips – in particular, I had no idea that lady bugs were actually good for your garden.

Maybe if I do decide to go on a Leatherface-chainsaw-wielding-adventure one afternoon, I will post before and after pics!

Happy Spring!