Here at the Ed Acevedo Team, we choose a mix of note taking mediums. Lauri, our Client Manager, keeps a notebook on her at all times in order to take notes, record thoughts, ideas, things to do that pop up while on the go, and amazing homes she stumbles upon and wants to learn more about. When she’s in front of her laptop, Lauri will save multiple email drafts to keep track of things – Web sites to visit later or information that she can then access later. Ed, team leader, he uses his phone to record voice notes. Steve likes to keep an day planner and write down appointments, lists and everything in one spot. Our team uses Google products and shares calendars to keep everything straight.

On the other hand – our office has gone paperless. Everything is scanned and emailed to our wonderful market center administrator Celeste, even if you have written a contract up the old fashioned way. This has helped our team translate our entire process into paperless. All forms are signed electronically via Docusign, we save everything to Dropbox, and manage our database through a wonderful proprietary system provided by Keller Williams to agents called eEdge. Starting December 1, Keller Williams is also making available to Pennsylvania agents a new system called MyTransactions. MyTransactions allows us to manage the entire “loop” of a sales process right inside of our database system. This means no more switching between programs for different forms, signatures, editing, saving, etc.  It also keeps a record of all paperwork and helps the other agents who might not be using electronic systems to check out how easy the process is.

So, what are your thoughts? How do you prefer to work?

EA Team