Through the wonderful  broker that we work for (Keller Williams), the team attended a class taught by social media guru Michael Tritthart on how to utilize all of the technology and social media that is available to us to create a better business experience for not only ourselves, but our clients and customers.  Many seasoned agents in the real estate industry have been forced to adapt – and quickly – to new technology and forms of communication available today.  Most of the time, we absorb all of this wonderful information and learn new techniques, but never apply them.

Well, that’s why we’re here at the Ed Acevedo Team – we’re utilizing what we’ve been taught, which better suites YOU!  We’re going to be blogging, vlogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, networking, (insert a media-based made up word here for the next social media phenomenon), and communicating all types of information  for your learning and visual pleasure.  Not just real estate news, but anything we find relevant and want to pass along to you.  That’s just the type of Realtors we are.


The EA Team